Remember our little talk about why it’s important for Bill “Cash in the Freezer” Jefferson to lose in New Orleans and why it’s very important for Karen Carter to win?

Well, someone – MyDD – is doing something about it:

We’re hiring Tim Tagaris from the Lamont campaign to head down to New Orleans and cover the LA-02 race for MyDD, somewhat as he did for Paul Hackett in OH-02 though with more of a journalistic focus and with a video camera. Corruption in the Democratic Party has its roots in local machines, and there’s no more colorful or weird machine than that of William Jefferson, a DLC Congressman caught with $90k in cash in his freezer. A progressive Democrat, Karen Carter, is challenging him, and we’ve already endorsed her. But there are two other important themes that Tim is going to cover when he’s down there. One is race, which is inescapable in Louisiana and in this election. The second is Katrina, which is also inescapable in this election.

We are committed to progressive change and to a progressive agenda. A post-Katrina New Orleans is the domestic symbol of the conservative movement. Not only did underinvestment in a poor and largely black city lead to a devastating disaster, but the promises of the Republican Congress and Bush, the promises they made in our names as American citizens, the promises to rebuild the city, these are promises that we have not kept.

Hey, you can help out. Blogging doesn’t grow on trees, you know! If you think the people of New Orleans need our help and the help of a caring Congressperson, consider chipping in a little dough to help someone who will shed some light on what’s actually going on down there. I did.

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It’s just another great GOP Moment in Black History:

So — desperate and grasping at straws — a stunned GOP confuses the nation by selecting the Brown Front Man Martinez as RNC Chairman and then electing Trent Lott as Minority . It shouldn’t be surprising really. In a way, the puzzling choice between Michael Steele and Mel Martinez for RNC Chair makes more sense now.

It’s like the other shoe has dropped. They thought we would be dazzled by their tolerance and generosity at elevating a pro-amnesty, soft on the brown invasion Hispanic. They thought it would immunize them from criticism from boosting Trent “Dixiecrat” Lott back as a prominent voice. They thought maybe we’d all forgotten about Lott said this, chuckling indulgently:

“When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We’re proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn’t have had all these problems over all these years, either.”

This about the man who said famously while running for President:

“All the laws of Washington and all the bayonets of the Army cannot force the Negro into our homes, our schools, our churches.” (Source: CNN)

Umm, let me get this straight. So Lott was nostalgic for the days when it was ok to say that kind of thing loudly and publicly into a microphone. Right. Oh I Wish I Was In Dixie, Hurrah, Hurrah!!!

They were wrong. So very wrong. Check out Atrios, MyDD’s Chris Bowers and AsiansVote for some more thoughts on not forgetting. And here I was worried that Stephen Colbert wasn’t going to have enough material from those GOP goobers to stay funny. I ain’t worried no more!

What’s interesting is that these choices baffle the left but the Republicans are also sickening their own base. Michelle Malkin, that bat-sh*t crazy racist ho, rounds up some Republican opinion on the leadership moves and let’s just say there’s a lack of confidence out there in wingnut land. She hates not because he is racist, but because his racist image makes the “Vacant Lott” vulnerable.

There is only one cause, one animating spirit that Trent Lott is committed to: not the South, not the segregationist past, but himself and his future in high office. And now, to save his hide, Lott will shake his pompoms and turn somersaults to please whomever (Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., the Rev. Al Sharpton) can help him stay in power.

He’s weak! Who, who will stand up to those now unleashed, powerful darkies and nigger-lovers, I mean Democrats, on the Hill? Certainly Not Lott.

Oh watch out, kidlets. This is going to be an extra-fun 110th Congress coming up. Just you wait for the hijinks to ensue!

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Did you hear the news?: South Africa’s Parliament has approved the right to civil unions and marriage for all citizens.

“When we attained our democracy, we sought to distinguish ourselves from an unjust painful past, by declaring that never again shall it be that any South African will be discriminated against on the basis of color, creed, culture and sex,” Home Affairs Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula told the National Assembly.

Please note: Not all people of African descent are viciously bigoted against homosexuals.

Strangely this monumental decision was not mentioned on the Today show this morning which instead chose the much more important Penthouse fantasy, ahem international incident, ahem national tragedy of yet another pretty, disturbed blond midwestern small town teacher seducing one of her teenage students.

Meanwhile, in our much more sophisticated nation, Harold Ford Jr., the Great Black Hope of Politics (after Saint Obama of course) has a lengthy history of homophobia.

Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. (D-TN):

“I do not support the decision today reached by the New Jersey Supreme Court regarding gay marriage. I oppose gay marriage, and have voted twice in Congress to amend the United States Constitution to prohibit same-sex marriage. This November there’s a referendum on the Tennessee ballot to ban same-sex marriage – I am voting for it.” (Source: Hotline)

I agree with Tennessee Guerilla Women:

Liberals in this state have been without representation for so long that many of us are decidedly pissed. When we finally do get a shot at a Democratic seat in the Senate, they give us a man who supports prayer in the schools, votes against gay rights and has the gall to brag about it. In a race this close, Harold Ford just might lose too many of us.

Isn’t it time we got a little more forward-thinking, folks? I’m not gay, but as is common for Gen X’ers, I have friends and colleagues who are. They deserve the same human rights as any other human being. Black people should understand discrimination and bigotry more than others and should commit to fighting it, no matter where it lives. Even if it lives inside yourself.

I appear to be the only blogger in America who finds it interesting that the choice for RNC Chairman boiled down somewhat (at least in the public eye) between Michael Steele, recently defeated Senate candidate and Sen. Mel Martinez (R-FL), first Cuban-American Senator. Mel was formerly Secretary of HUD before becoming elected to Congress in 2004. The HUD gig is one of those minor Cabinet positions that tends to be reserved for minorities.

No one seems to want to talk about this black vs. hispanic tussle for who will battle Howard Dean for the heart and soul (and vote) of America although Anderson@Large does want to talk about Michael Steele and GOP blacks in general. (If you think it’s hard out here for a pimp, it’s even harder for a Black Republican, son!) I suppose it’s a bit shocking to talk about race without seeming racist for some.

Yet this is key to note because it gives some clues to Republican long-range thinking. They lost serious, major ground with Latinos in the 2006 election due to an “enforcement-only” approach among some knuckle-draggers to the question of immigration. Yeah, threatening to jail people for helping sick and hungry immigrants and building a giant fence to keep them out has a strange turn-off quality.

The G.O.P. is sending a message both inside and outside the party: we are prepared to change. I don’t know if they will succeed in embracing the changing demographics in this country with what many will see as just a face that presents sympathetic diversity. Personally, between the cruel, racist immigration positions and the racist handling of Katrina relief, I think the G.O.P. has damaged cred in minority communities for at least the next generation or two. Our trust, once lost, takes a mighty long time to re-build. The real question is whether Bonehead will even be given support by his own party or whether he’ll be hung out to dry by them before progressives even get a shot at him. We’ll see how long it takes the rabid racist Republican elements to froth at the mouth publicly over this. There is going to be a real tussle about this. Prepare to hear Martinez called “stupid” or “Bonehead” instead of just “wetback” and “spic” more often going forward. These comments on a RedState poll on Martinez are sooo telling, aren’t they:

When are we going to become the party of Ronald Reagan, Pete DuPont, Jack Kemp and Steve Forbes again? The message of economic opportunity and hope and the results it delivers does more to attract minority voters than this pathetic window dressing.


Hardliners don’t like him because he doesn’t want to tow their line, instead, he believes in the President’s comprehensive immigration policy. And who better to bring the Hispanics back to the party. We barely had 40% before and lost half of those last week. Martinez is the poster boy for the Spanish speaking immigrant who makes good. Perfect for attracting good candidates to represent the growing Hispanic vote. Perfect for reaching out to the Hispanic and other minority communities.

AND my personal favorite post from AnkleBitingPundits:

Rumor has it illegal immigrants will celebrate this news with a mass border crossing…..oh wait, they already do that.

Cute, ain’t those conservatives?

Cross-posted at MyDD

Those who know how to win are much more numerous than those who know how to make proper use of their victories.

Polybius (205 BC – 118 BC), The Histories

This week, race and politics came to a head in the 2006 elections. Chris Bowers has already written about the changing political alliances shaping up in American culture. At the crossroads of race, politics and the blogs, George Allen found his senate career cut short after his “macaca” “joke” was blasted across progressive blogs. His presidential ambitions have gone up in smoke after the video found its way into the mainstream media. The macaca joke provided an perfect opportunity to remind voters about Allen’s racist history and offer voters a new alternative in Senator-elect Jim Webb.

As America diversifies and the majority becomes just another minority (at least in some locations), understanding what minority voter priorities and expectations are — and meeting at least some of them — will be important to maintaining and building their loyalty over time.

Howard Dean knows it. Here’s what he said post-election:

Yesterday was a historic night as well in the African American community. When presented with a choice, the African American community chose Democrats, because the Democratic Party respects the African American community and creates greater opportunities. We are honored that the African American community has again put their faith in the Democratic Party, and proud that Democrats continue to earn their trust. Democrats like Deval Patrick in Massachusetts and Keith Ellison in Minnesota are making history.”(Source: Oliver Willis)

Minority voters aren’t stupid. Every major black Republican candidate who ran lost. White voters aren’t stupid either.

But It’s Not Over Yet

We know from the exit polls that concern about corruption was a major motivation driving voters this season. Americans will be watching to see how Democratic leadership distinguishing itself from the lying, cheating, bigoted criminals who just got ejected. There are still a few races being decided. One of them deserves national attention for its symbolism.

There’s a run-off election in a district of Louisiana that might look familiar to folks. Remember Katrina? All those black people in New Orleans and selected areas desperate for help from someone. Anyone. Maybe even one of their elected representatives, for instance. Bill Jefferson (D-LA) is the incumbent from this area:LA-02. LA-02 map

Bill Jefferson is a bad man:

Five days after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, on September 2, 2005, Rep. Jefferson allegedly used National Guard troops to check in on his home and collect a few belongings – a laptop computer, three suitcases and a large box. By using the National Guard to visit his home and retrieve property — at a time when the citizens of New Orleans had no such similar opportunities — Rep. Jefferson appears to have violated House rules.

DavidNYC at the DailyKos:

Jefferson’s behavior was so outrageous that the Democratic caucus, in an extremely rare move, stripped him of his committee assignment. An indictment of Jefferson looks very likely. And as one New Orleans native put it, “You find $100,000 in your freezer, I ain’t voting for you.” Seventy percent of the voters in Louisiana’s second Congressional district apparently agree, because Jefferson carried just 30% of the vote yesterday.

Fortunately for us, Louisiana’s unusual electoral system mandates a run-off between the top two finishers whenever the winner fails to reach 50%. That means we can give Jefferson the boot he so richly deserves by supporting the second-place finisher, Karen Carter.

DavidNYC puts it best:

This race matters because we need to send a strong message, a message that the Democratic Party won’t tolerate corruption on either side of the aisle. Come January, we’re finally going to take back the House. But before we do, we need to clean house first. And that’s why the Swing State Project, DailyKos and MyDD are officially endorsing Karen Carter in her runoff on Dec. 9th.

If William Jefferson is re-elected, what will stop Republicans from making an example of him? If he is re-elected, how are Democrats any different from the self-interested corrupt politicians that just got booted? Most importantly, if this guy is re-elected, who will fight for the residents and business owners still recovering from Hurricane Katrina. It’s essential that the Democratic Party distance itself from Jefferson as an example of renewed transparency and priorities in the right place. Progressives should support Karen Carter who shows promise as a legislator who will be more likely to serve her constituents’ needs — when they need it most.

She has passed legislation requiring insurers to notify covered persons in writing of their intent to cancel their coverage. She passed legislation mandating a grace period and a lapse notice before insurance coverage can be cancelled. She authored legislation to mandate that insurance companies that write property policies in Louisiana offer coverage for levee breaches, the problem that caused the massive flooding after Katrina. It didn’t pass the legislature. This is part of what was on this sister’s plate this year while Bill Jefferson was having his offices and homes searched by the FBI. She was on the job doing the people’s business. He was looking for a way to stay out of jail. (Source: SkepticalBrotha)

A sampling of post-election reflections from African-American, Latino and Asian-American blogs can be found below.

***African-American Political Pundit wants to know how we can justify spending billions of dollars rebuilding Iraq when only 22 families have received rebuilding grants for Katrina damage so far. Over a year later. AAPP asks “I wonder if Democrats, who black folks voted for in number, will fix this mess?” A whole lot of other Black people are wondering that, too.

***Jack and Jill Politics lays out the good news, the better news and the bad news for African-Americans in the wake of the mid-term elections.

Many members of the Congressional Black Caucus, several of whom have roots in the civil rights movement, are poised to take control of some powerful House committees. This is important because they will be able to influence what legislation actually gets to the House floor and what shape it may take. Ha.


The real issue for us is the need to field Latino candidates in non-majority Latino districts,” he said. “We need to see that crossover, and we need the party to recognize viable Latinos. . . . For the most part Latinos in Congress are representing Latino majority districts. But the three senators show they can get elected statewide.
There will be a massive Latino rebellion against President Bush’s Republican Party, among other things for its support of a nonsensical 700-mile border fence. But rather than in today’s midterm vote, it’s likely to happen in the 2008 presidential election….Despite all of this, there is a general consensus that Hispanics will be – more than ever – a formidable force in the 2008 presidential race. Among other things, their numbers will be higher than ever: Most pollsters expect that Latinos will make up 10 percent of U.S. likely voters in 2008, up from 8.5 percent in 2004, and 6 percent in 2000.

*** JQ over at BlueLatinos gives up a little 411 behind the blue tidal wave sweeping the Dems to victory:

Exit polls reported by CNN indicated that 69 percent of Latino voters supported Democrats and 29 percent went for Republicans. Exit polls also showed Latinos making up 8 percent of all voters, which roughly translates into over 6.5 million Latino voters – a 38 percent increase from the 2002 mid-term election. That’s huge! The number of Latino voters went from 4.7 million to over 6.5 million, an increase of 1.8 million voters! To put this dramatic voter turnout increase in perspective, consider this: the number of White and African American voters decreased by about 18 percent, respectably. The same voting pattern should have happened to Latino voters; instead, we saw a voter turnout increase of 38 percent!

Lesson learned: voter registration works. Also, pissing off Latino voters does not.

*** lists the exit polls for Asian-American voters from AALDEF on key races and then shares a little advice:

  • Virginia Senate — 76% D versus 21% R

  • New Jersey Senate — 77% D versus 21% R
  • Maryland Senate — 73% D versus 24% R
  • Pennsylvania Senate — 71% D versus 29% R
  • Massachusetts Governor — 75% D versus 21% R
  • Michigan anti-affirmative action proposal — 76% against

So don’t let anyone ever try to sell you the outdated canard that Asian Americans vote Republican. And Democratic Party leaders, take note. Asian Americans may have provided the margin of victory in numerous races — and proper outreach and cultivation might have led to their putting a few other borderline Democratic candidates over the top. Adjust your plans for future outreach and attention accordingly.

In Memoriam: Ed Bradley

The night Ed Bradley first appeared on 60 Minutes, my family had a dinner discussion about black people on TV. And about Ed Bradley. And then my parents sat my brother and myself between them and we watched the show together. It was a really big deal. There were only a few channels on TV back then so I expect a whole lot of other Black people did the same. Ed Bradley’s achievements and investigative reporting shine not just for African-Americans. But for all Americans.

Minority Americans may watch The Daily Show with John Stewart. And we may laugh heartily and cheer him on as much as anyone. But don’t think we haven’t noticed the astonishing lack of diversity in presenters and in guests. Don’t think it for a minute.

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Everyone focused on the impact on white people of the Playboy bunny ad. Booker Rising reminds us that fear of miscegnation cuts both ways. The fact of the matter is that the eligible bachelor Harold is rumored to have dumped his “perfect” black girlfriend — successful, well-educated, pretty, good family, Christian sister — in favor of a white girlfriend who is kept out of the spotlight.

This kind of thing doesn’t always go over well with the sisters. And sisters have a way of voting.

I was surprised how most critics only focused on how this ad played to Tennessee white male fears of black male-white female unions. Booker Rising was one of the very, very few observers to note how the controversial ad also played to the anxieties of another group on this issue: black women, who comprise the majority of Tennessee’s black voters. 81% of likely Tennessee voters, of all races, saw the ad, and undecided folks who saw the ad broke 2-1 in favor of Mr. Corker.

Let this be a lesson for other black men who seek higher political office: when you believe that you are too good for black women, don’t be surprised if chasing after white women hurts your career with voters. Particularly in a tight political race. How many black women – who could have perhaps reversed that slim lead of 48,495 votes that Mr. Corker possessed at the end of this political race – did not turn out to vote (or left the ballot for this particular race blank) because they were turned off by what they saw in the ad? First of all, a guy running for statewide office in a state like Tennessee should have had more political sense to go to any event associated with Playboy, and a black man – regardless of his actual dating preferences – should not make it so easy for his opponents to use such a controversial issue as a wedge issue against him by attending said party either.

You know, I live in a pretty diverse cosmopolitan city and am used to seeing interracial couples so I admit to having a blind spot here. Personally, I think people are just people. People should be able to date and marry whomever they want.

Yet the anger that many black women express at feeling rejected by successful black men in favor of white women is real and fierce. I’ve heard it even among extended family members. What impact did this ad have in dousing support and flaring racist feelings among blacks as well as whites in TN? In a close race, any erosion of the base might have thwarted Ford’s victory. We still won the Senate, thank god, by a hair. Still, there are important lessons here for future African-American candidates emerging in the South.

OK — I not only got a little misty watching the returns lst night but being black, I also did a little dancing. Touchdown dancing. Wave your arms in the air — “Hip Hop Hoorayyy…Heyyy….Hooooo” style dancing. Raise the roof dancing. Excited fake jogging in place dancing. Awww yeahhh boy-yeee!

You’ve heard all the analysis on TV and read a lot of blogs and papers. Keith Boykin has a good election snapshot too. But now let’s talk about what this means for brothers and sisters in America. Let’s just say there’s good news, some more good news and some bad news. Some history was made yesterday. For African-Americans. For all Americans.

Good news:

* All Black Republican candidates lose. Ha. Including Harold Ford Jr. (Oops! — that’s what he gets for trying to out-Republican a Republican at a time when people have come to hate Republicans.)

* Keith Ellison, an African-American and a progressive, became the first Muslim elected to Congress in American history. This news is so big that people can’t even wrap their minds around it.

* Deval Patrick becomes the nation’s second black governor. From his victory speech:

This victory belongs to the tens and hundreds of thousands of Democrats and Republicans and independents who believe that we can do so much better and hope for so much more in Massachusetts. Who believe we don’t have to agree on everything before we can work together on anything. That is what the voters said today. Voters said ‘no’ to the Big Dig politics as usual and ‘yes’ to the politics of hope and possibility. Voters said ‘no’ to the inside deals and mediocre performance of our current administration and ‘yes’ to accountability, candor, and leadership. Voters said ‘no’ to division and exclusion, ‘no’ to government by gimmick, and slogan and sound bite and photo-op, and ‘yes’ to lasting and meaningful reform.

Check out the crowd in MA at his victory speech.

More Good News after the jump…

It’s the gift that will hopefully keep on giving. Many members of the Congressional Black Caucus, several of whom have roots in the civil rights movement, are poised to take control of some powerful House committees. This is important because they will be able to influence what legislation actually gets to the House floor and what shape it may take. Ha.

Booman Tribune — a prophet — saw the Black Revolution in the House first in a great article on Oct 25:

In the entire history of the country, blacks have held only three significant chairs. Adam Clayton Powell chaired the Education and Labor Committee for three sessions. Augustus Hawkins also chaired that committee for a session and a half, plus he chaired the House Administration Committee. And, as I mentioned above, Dellums spent a session as chair of Armed Services.

All of this is about to change dramatically if we can win control of the House in November.

BooMan — we did it. We won. That means (emphasis mine):

Charlie Rangel is the ranking member of the Ways and Means Committee. John Conyers, Jr. is the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee. Bennie Thompson is the ranking member of the Homeland Security Committee. Juanita Millender-McDonald is the ranking member on the House Administration Committee. And Alcee Hastings is the second ranking member of the Intelligence Committee and is rumored to be favored by Pelosi for the chair of that committee. That puts five African-Americans in line to be chairs of House committees. That’s a third of the total from the last 230 years. And, more importantly, these are not minor committees. Judiciary, Intelligence, Homeland Security, and Ways and Means are MAJOR committees. House Administration is in charge of all the voting procedures in this country. This is a revolution of black power unseen previously in the halls of Congress.

Why is that important? Dig it: what was once a level of Congressional leadership open in the last Congress only to white people who happen to be men is now going to be hmmm…a mite more diverse in the House. Say it with me: Whose House? OUR HOUSE! goes a little further than BT and gives a fuller listing of key committees and sub-committees that African-American congressfolks will possibly chair.

Bad news:

* Harold Ford Jr. lost. This is bad news because he probably should have won against Bob “Miscegnation” Corker. Funny, isn’t it that so many Democratic Senate seats were won — almost a clean sweep, except for the slightly darker Democrat. Things that make you go hmmm.

* In Michigan, the “Michigan Civil Rights Initiative” that eliminates affirmative action was passed. As Woman of Color Blog says: It wasn’t even a close vote. People voted Democratic — for change and then they turned around and voted against giving women and minorities a fair shake. The Nation in an opinion piece said, “It was a victory for the angry white people…” Sigh. The fallout from this as it has been in other places where laws like this have passed will be painful to watch. For everyone.

We’ve come a long way. But we haven’t finished climbing the rough side of the mountain just yet.

African Americans need to make sure Democratic promises of a broad new agenda happens. But the broad new agenda must address issues of African Americans as well. It’s not all about the middle class folks, let’s not forget about the poor people of our country. (Source: Mirror on America)

Hear hear.

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From CNN:

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, architect of an unpopular war in Iraq, intends to resign after six stormy years as Secretary of Defense, Republican officials said Wednesday.


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Seriously, homegirl was banging on those keys yesterday. Great election day posts, Jill!!

I’m only going to consume conservative media today, but let’s go back in time. I received this message from Pres Bush yesterday:

Today is Election Day and our Republican candidates need your vote.

I ask you to cast your ballot for Republican candidates who will keep America on the offense in the War on Terror, keep taxes low to grow our economy and work for our conservative values.

There are fundamental differences in this election. Our country cannot afford to elect a Democrat Congress that would abandon our strategy for victory in the War on Terror and raise taxes to pay for their reckless spending.

Laura and I urge you to vote Republican and to ask all your family and friends to go to the polls. The stakes are too high for you to stay at home.

I guess we can look forward to reckless spending, abandoning their strategy in Iraq, high taxes, plus the end of those conservative values.


P.S. I received this report from Texas: “This is a surreal experience — all the republican judges in Dallas who ran opposed LOST to dems.”

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I second Jill’s emotion. Big. Time.

I was out at a local Drinking Liberally event, and can say that I don’t think one should ever watch an election alone again, ever. The sense of community was palpable. We cheered as we watched the CNN tallies. We jeered at the image of the slovenly Bill Bennett.

I actually have some hope for this country again, and thus, this world. Not only have some brakes been applied to this joyriding presidency with the Dem House takeover, but we’ve made real history today people.

For the first time, Massachusetts has a black governor. Deval Patrick utterly and completely whooped Kerry “Rape Me” Healey by over 20 points (56 vs. 35 at last check). He is only the second black governor in the history of these united states. I tuned in to an Internet stream of his speech and caught this statement from him to his supporters:

You are every black man, woman and child in Massachusetts and America. You are every striver of every race and kind who is reminded tonight that the American dream is for you too.

I’ve read that there was a record Get Out the Vote mobilization by the Patrick campaign in every neighborhood. They made over 1 million calls on election day. This is how a campaign should be run, people. We should all take note.

Other good news

  • Senator Man-Dog goes down in defeat. You might say he “screwed the pooch” on this one
  • In middle America, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio hold Dems in governor seats
  • Rhode Island’s Lincoln Chafee (R) is finished. Many people are saying they feel bad to lose the moderate Republican. I say this is a binary election. You’re either with us or against us, and we had to smoke the rethugs out. All of them. Sorry, Lincoln, but you chose the wrong party, son.
  • The so-called “western” or “mountain” Democrats have a solid win of the Colorado governor’s office

and some bad news…

Oh — I just got a little emotional. There’s hope for America after all. Although the close votes for Corker and Allen — a couple of hard-core racists — was a little disappointing. It is delightful watching Fox News. Suckas. Jon Stewart — funny. Colbert — slightly less funny than expected tonight.

Hey — If you are reading Jack and Jill Politics, you probably contributed in some small or large way to this success. Thank you.

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Update: Now with video at an actual polling location! My suspicions are confirmed. Thomas Johnson Middle School is located in Lanham, Prince George’s County — a majority-black county in Maryland.

“Yes, I met Mr. Steele.” Apparently he’s a nice guy. Fancy that.

It’s not everyday you can kill 2 moral birds with one inaccurate “sample ballot” full of lies. In MD, Bob Ehrlich running for Governor and Michael Steele running for Senate are Republicans. Yet 7 buses full of homeless people from PA and DE arrived in MD with flyers proclaiming them Democrats. Gee, it must be rough having to own up to being a Bush-supporting, self-hating Republican thug these days. Much easier to just start anew and pretend to be in the party people actually prefer these days. The Democratic Party. Now who thinks that these folks were sent to mostly black and latino neighborhoods that lean Democratic? (Thanks: AmericaBlog)

Erik Markle, one of the people handing out literature for Ehrlich, who is seeking reelection, and Steele, the current lieutenant governor who is campaigning to replace retiring Sen. Paul Sarbanes (D), said he was recruited at a homeless shelter in Philadelphia.

After a two-hour bus ride to Maryland, Markle said the workers were greeted early this morning by first lady Kendel Ehrlich, who thanked them as they were outfitted in T-shirts and hats with the logo for Ehrlich’s reelection campaign. Nearly all of those recruited, Markle said, are poor and black. Workers traveled to Maryland in at least seven large buses.

Ehrlich’s campaign denies it but…

The Ehrlich and Steele campaigns yesterday acknowledged sending out an election-eve flier, sporting pictures of Prince George’s County Executive Jack B. Johnson, his predecessor Wayne K. Curry and former NAACP president Kweisi Mfume. The mailer, declaring itself an “official voter guide” and criticized by Democrats, suggested the three Democrats backed Ehrlich and Steele. Curry has endorsed Steele; none has endorsed Ehrlich. (Source: WashingtonPost)

Pathetic, isn’t it? That’s how they’ve won all these elections. Not on the issues. Through brazen cheating and out-and-out lies. I am hoping for some serious hoisting upon petards tonight. Who’s with me?

  • Comments Off says it will back up a big truck of benjamins to anyone who can provide material evidence on voter suppression that leads to a felony conviction. Surely this can’t be that hard for black folks to produce. It’s just so flagrant in minority communities. Here’s the email: Now go get that money. And um, also protect civil liberties too. (Nod: Dkos)

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MSNBC has the story:

In Indiana’s Marion County, about 175 of 914 precincts turned to paper because poll workers didn’t know how to run the machines, said Marion County Clerk Doris Ann Sadler. She said it could take most of the day to fix all of the machine-related issues.

Election officials in Delaware County, Ind., planned to seek a court order to extend voting after an apparent computer error prevented voters from casting ballots in 75 precincts there. Delaware County Clerk Karen Wenger said the cards that activate the machines were programmed incorrectly.

“We are working with precincts one-by-one over the telephone to get the problem fixed,” Wenger said.

Another good place for election problem on-the-ground anecdotes from around the nation is TalkingPointsMemo. Check it out.

If you’ve been reading this blog: you ain’t surprised.

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